Hello! My name is Janet, and I lived this story

so I can help you change yours

I am here to show you how to choose the future you want -- and go after it with gusto!

I’m a mother of five wonderful children, a trained coach and a lover of my dear husband. 


My obsession? Teaching you how to take responsibility for your life, practice letting go of the old stories, free yourself from other people’s expectations, rewire the bad habits and leave your past where it belongs (in your past). Because let’s be honest:

The best is yet to come! 

I’ve spent the last 15 years taking my clients from feeling stuck, unfulfilled and out of control in their lives to reconnecting with their power, discovering new meaning, and unlocking their happiest, highest potential. 

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I found this work completely by accident. Back when my husband opened his dental practice, he found success really quickly — but inside, he was still unhappy. It drove me bonkers! All I wanted to do was fix him! But no matter how hard I pushed, nothing really made a difference. He stayed the same, while I got more and more frustrated. 


So I shifted my focus off of him and back to myself where it belonged. I started studying psychology and started talking with a fantastic coach, hoping that if I learned the tools to help myself, I would be able to help the people around me at the same time.  


This is when I realized something that would change my life forever.

(Lean in, it is a really great breakthrough!) 

Your only job is to have a great life of your own. 

Once I realized I actually had no control over other people, I felt my shoulders relax and this huge weight lift off my back. Suddenly, life got so much more enjoyable. 


I began to focus on filling my own cup first, loving the people around me unconditionally, and taking a stand for what I wanted instead of what people wanted from me. 


I put up stronger boundaries. I said no when I meant no, and I asked for the things I desired. 


And yes, I actually got them. 


I was like a brand new woman, with an entirely new way of viewing the world. I wasn’t a victim of my circumstances any longer — I was the victor, completely in charge of designing my own destiny. 

I was on fire! 

The more I learned about creating my own future, the more I wanted to help other people do the same. So I signed up for an Accomplishment Coaching training and began using my gifts to transform my clients’ lives. 


That was more than a decade ago, and I still love this work!

You might be surprised to know that I: 

  • Have read more than 100 self-development books in my lifetime...and I still head to Audible every chance I get. I will never be done learning!

  • Co-owned a multi-million dollar dental practice with my dear, amazing husband.

  • Am the mother of 5 amazing children, all of whom have post-graduate degrees.

  • Grew up with 4 incredible brothers. 

  • Have written and published two books: “Your Meaningful Life” and “Rising to Higher Ground.” Both were pure, life-changing labors of love.